Membership Perks

Networking Opportunities

Meet like-minded people

Happy hours

In the spirit of the new normal, we’re bringing happy hours online! In the comfort of your home, mix and mingle with fellow business owners and executives. The possibilities are endless: wine appreciation, beer conversations, business propositions. Of course, we’re also considering organising offline sessions when the situation eventually permits.

Virtual events

With the deluge of webinars and sharing sessions during the pandemic, many of these tend to be superficial and dry at best. We’re looking to do something different. Our sessions will be interactive and community-centric – participants will be able to share their thoughts, both during and after each event, on focused in-house discussion threads and forums.

Member-exclusive pitching sessions

We’re stoked to offer our members the exclusive opportunity to pitch their businesses to a dedicated pool of investors and corporate partners. This not only provides growing businesses with an avenue to secure funding, but also creates a sandbox environment where young businesses can practise, be advised on and refine their pitches.

Marketing Opportunities

Get your words out

Speaking opportunities

With our community-centric approach, there will be opportunities for members to speak and contribute at seminars, webinars and other events. Seasoned industry players may leverage these opportunities to augment their business standing and brand recognition, while younger businesses may put their names out there, get their voices heard, and have their interests represented in policies.

Placement marketing

Members gain increased brand exposure by having their company name and logo displayed alongside IOX Biz Hub as it organises, hosts, and attends events both online and offline. The website also permanently features all members.

Invitations to write and create content

An effective way to indirectly market your brand is to establish yourself as an authority in the field – and a great way to do this is to create and publish helpful content that other people and businesses can refer to in times of need. IOX Biz Hub, uniquely positioned as an innovation centre, commands a highly relevant audience that will eagerly take to your written or otherwise published insights.

Member-exclusive services and resources

Get perks exclusive to members only

Preferential rates for essential services

IOX Biz Hub has an extensive network of partners and providers that are happy to give back by offering attractive preferential rates for corporate secretariat, advisory, and media advertising services, among others.

IOX Biz Hub badge

A premier regional centre of business innovation, IoX Biz Hub offers a significant immediate boost to your corporate image and profile as a member. This allows for a greater degree of trust between your customers or clients and your company.

Exclusive newsletters

You are a business owner constantly busy with core business operations. We get that. IOX Biz Hub helps its time-starved members keep abreast of the latest industry trends by regularly publishing newsletters that contain deep, targeted insights and analyses about digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other novel or interesting technologies.

Learning Management System

As part of our business support initiative, we are committed to helping our members upgrade and upskill themselves. Our in-house Learning Management System (LMS) contains a carefully curated offering of courses, allowing our members to pick up the most relevant and valuable business skills of today with or without certification.

Board of Opportunities

Get to know others


With our extensive network of partners and members, we’ve pooled together a vast directory of not just members, but also reliable experts, vendors and service providers – complete with their contact information. When the need arises, referring to this directory can save you precious time and money in reaching out to the right contact, especially in the event of a business emergency.

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