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Company Description

Interactive small-class online English curriculum provider, students cover Chinese Mainlands, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand. Connect native professional teachers with kids from 7-12 yo in Asia, and improve comprehension and writing skills.



Three Core Stages, Eight English Proficiencies

The course nurtures children’s eight comprehensive reading and writing abilities, gradually beginning with the most basic natural phonics. 


Advantages of Small Classes

Each 40-minutes “one-to-four” live class genuinely replicates genuine class activities of international schools under the principles of “Peer Pressure”, “Multimodality” and “Implicit Feedback” to stimulate children’s potential in language learning.


Three-Fixed Principle

Fixed class time, fixed teacher, and fixed classmates favor the establishment of coherent learning model, harmonious classroom order, and a stable English social environment.


Customised English Learning Under EET Framework

Protostar Education’s exclusive consultant of research and teaching team, the doctorate in Education from the University of Nottingham, and the founder of Protostar jointly propose ‘EET’ (Effective Exposure Time) based on the continuous research on the youth and children’s English acquisition.

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